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Navigating Challenging Classroom Experiences to Foster Growth in Student Learning

In our nation, social and political challenges are impacting our daily lives. Topics like race, immigration, gender, police brutality, sexuality, and even politics can impact how we are handling these difficult conversations across the country, including at college and university campuses. The following resources have been compiled to help faculty navigate difficult moments in the classroom and turn these moments into learning opportunities.

SAFE Strategies to Deal with Difficult Moments in your Online Classroom: This resource provides steps for dealing with difficult moments in your online learning environment.

Best Practices and Key Principles for Engaging in Divisive Conversation: This resource provides ways to promote healthy and civil political conversation with individuals who have divisive viewpoints.

Top 5 Tips for Facilitating Difficult Dialogues about Racism & Anti-Semitism: In this resource, tips are provided to help educators navigate conversations regarding racism and anti-semitism 

 Addressing Implicit Bias & its Impact on Teaching & Learning: In this resource, an insightful discussion of implicit bias (e.g., racial microaggressions) in higher education classrooms is presented with examples.  

How to Deal with Bias Incidents in Your Classroom: This resource provides strategies for handling incidents in your classroom that involve overt biases (e.g., hate speech, racism, bullying, ethnocentrism, bigotry).  

Tips for Promoting Diversity & Inclusion in Online Courses: This document provides some tips to help you get started creating your inclusive online learning environment, specifically for the beginning of the semester.