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Self-Introduction Videos & Canvas

Charles Cwiek, Business Analytics & Statistics

Charles CwiekPrior to the pandemic, I used to ask my students to take out a piece of paper and write down a few facts about themselves. Major, hometown, other STAT classes taken, things like that. I also asked them to share something funny or interesting about themselves. I usually learned a few good tidbits from this activity.  

Well, given that some students were taking my course online, and the fact that I can’t pass out paper to them, and they should not pass paper to me, this fall I had to think of an alternative. I took my phone outside, and recorded a video of me saying a few words to the camera, and then showing them some interesting things around the outside of my house… basketball goals, split wood piles, cars, backyard, simple stuff about me as a person. I then posted that for my students to view, and asked THEM to do something similar for extra credit.  

I made a video of just how easy it was to use Canvas Studio to do this recording, and submit it to me inside of Canvas. Most of them did the video, and I learned TONS more about most students than I ever have before. I also took screen shots of their image and used small versions of their face on my seating chart (not sharing the images!!). I have gotten to know more students by name than ever before. I plan to do this post-pandemic, until I retire.

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