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“Chunking”: Use of Course Time

Jason Kiernan, College of Nursing

Jason KiernanI have been delighted with the explosion of content-related discussion that my class has brought forth. It works like this:

At the beginning of the academic week I open up the “new” material. Students have six days to watch it on their own time (this is the asynchronous part). During these six days, they are invited to email me with any questions on the content.

On day seven, we host a synchronous Zoom chat, built entirely out of the questions they’ve submitted during the week. Since they email the questions to me directly, I’m able to remove their name from the presentation. This has created a boom to the discussion aspect of my course, the likes of which I’ve not experienced in my prior eight years of university teaching.

Even when (or if) things go back to ‘normal,’ I’m not going back to three hours of ‘bricks and mortar’ lecture. This is far more engaging, the discussions far more in depth, and I have a feeling the course experience is light-years more robust for all involved.

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