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Curriculum Refresh Collaborative

TLI is excited to host a new, 3-week curriculum development opportunity during the 2023 Winter Miniterm (January). The Curriculum Refresh Collaborative (CRC) will bring together 6 teams of faculty from across the university. Each team will work to refresh the curriculum for an individual course or a two-course series (e.g., English 101 and 102; Biology 150 and 160) at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

Click here to learn about this year’s projects and teams!

Project Options

Because of the condensed time of the CRC, each team will focus on a specific area within their course, or set of courses, that they’d like to review when they apply. Proposals should focus on one of the following three phases of the curriculum development process.

Revising student learning outcomes and aligning course materials and assignments with set outcomes.

Integrating one of the following evidence-based pedagogies into your curriculum.

  • Inclusive Teaching
  • Experiential Learning
  • Well-Being
  • Active Learning
  • Problem-Based Learning
  • Competency-Based Learning

Designing innovative assessments.

From all of the proposals that we receive, 2 of them will be selected to move forward within each of the 3 options shown above, for a total of 6 supported projects during this year’s CRC. Therefore, we encourage faculty to think creatively about these different areas to propose a project that will best support the needs of their students.  


  • Teams must consist of 3-5 faculty.
  • Team members must teach or supervise the course being revised.
  • Team members must be full-time faculty (tenure or non-tenure track) who are eligible for additional pay.
    • Once applications have been provisionally accepted for the Collaborative, TLI will reach out to college business managers to confirm participant eligibility for additional pay and to department heads for participation approval. Teams, however, should speak with their department head(s) before submitting their application to ensure that they will support your curriculum refresh efforts.

Application Process 

Applications are now open, and will close on Monday, October 17th at 11:59pm. Once submitted, proposals will be evaluated on impact, efficacy, innovation, and assessment. Applicants can review the 2023 CRC rubric and a copy of the CRC application form. We recommend applicants prepare their answers to the questions before beginning the formal application, linked both above and below. 


Teams will submit 4 deliverables:  

  • 3 course documents such as a course syllabus, a Canvas shell or module, sample assessments, assignment sheets, or lesson plans.
  • An assessment plan for how they will measure the success of their refreshed curriculum, using TLI’s template and with support from TLI assessment experts.

Upon completion of the CRC, and approval of the deliverables, each team will receive $3,500.00 total in additional pay, to be divided evenly among team members. 

The CRC Experience

After their acceptance, each team will be assigned two coaches: one TLI team member, and one faculty member with curriculum development expertise. The coaches will create a set of pre-work that may include journal articles for reference, or asynchronous certificates, to help prepare teams for the CRC. Teams can expect approximately 5 hours of pre-work. 

During the CRC teams will meet with their coaches, and meet on their own, to revise their course(s). Teams may choose to meet in person or virtually. At the beginning and end of the CRC, all of the teams will meet together to discuss their projects so that teams have the opportunity to learn from one another and connect with fellow faculty engaged in curriculum development.  

2023 Timeline

  • January 3-5: Teams complete pre-work
    • Pre-work may be completed ahead of this time, if more convenient.
  • January 6, 9:00am-12:00pm: Kick off meeting with all teams.
  • January 9-19: Teams meet with their coaches for 3, 1-hour meetings.
    • Teams must meet by themselves for at least 4 hours, divided as is convenient for teams.
  • January 20, 9:00am-12:00pm: Closing meeting with all teams.
    • Each team will provide a 20–25-minute presentation on their curriculum refresh.
  • January 29, by 11:59pm: Deliverables due.