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During the Semester

The following resources are intended to help with the teaching process throughout the semester, though they may be useful before or after as well!

Information on student enrollment is available within Canvas, UT’s learning management system.  For instructions on accessing the roster, see OIT’s help page on class rosters.

The Provost’s Office supplies a page on basic instructor responsibilities, including a quick guide to dealing with academic dishonesty, and a downloadable resource list for helping facilitate student support resources.

As instructors, we are obliged to report information about sexual harassment, abuse, or assault under certain circumstances.  Although this information is usually covered in unit orientations and mandatory training, the Title IX Coordinator’s office has more information available.

If we are asked to communicate information about students (for instance, to parents or other stakeholders), it’s important to know what we can and cannot say.  Our role as instructors is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and UT has a page discussing our obligations under FERPA here.

If you have concerns about your position or duties, or about any aspect of university culture, you may want to communicate with the appropriate representative from the Faculty Senate—the website includes information about who represents each unit at UT.

By being a UT employee, you may qualify for a variety of discounts with local activities and vendors—see the list of employee discounts for more information.

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