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Students and teachers in a motion workshop learning how to animate animals they create in After Effects. Photo by Adam Taylor

Call for Proposals: 7-Week Online Global Citizenship Courses

The Office of the Provost, through its Teaching & Learning Innovation unit (TLI) and the Office of Online Learning and Academic Programs (OLAP), invites instructor proposals for the development of 7-week, online, asynchronous courses designed to fulfill the Global Citizenship requirement of Volunteer Core, the university’s new General Education curriculum.

This call specifically asks instructors to develop courses to support this student success strategy. These courses may carry 1, 1.5, 2, or 3 hours of credit, and are intended to be offered in the second session of major semesters (Fall and Spring).

By providing a suite of courses that can be picked up in the second half of a semester, the University intends to better support students who decide to drop a class after the withdrawal period ends. This will potentially enable hundreds of students to recover full-time status and maintain their financial aid standing.

The following resources provide more information about this initiative.


Call For Proposals: 7-Week Online Global Citizenship Courses

This document provides an overview of the application requirements, the motivations behind this initiative, the evaluation rubric for submitted proposals, and compensation information.

View Call for Proposal
CFP Application: 7-Week Global Citizenship Course Initiative

Fill out this document as part of the application process.

View CFP Application

How to Apply

The Global Citizenship subcommittees, TLI, and OLAP can provide assistance in crafting proposals. Because participation in this initiative will affect an instructor’s teaching assignment, applications must be endorsed by the instructor’s department head or school director and by the instructor’s college office.

Completed applications will include:

  • Completed CFP Application
  • Completed Agreement form including signatures of Instructor, Department Head/School Director, and Dean (or designee)

Note: New courses (no existing course number) proposed as part of this initiative must still be formally approved by the respective Volunteer Core subcommittee (Global Citizenship US or Global Citizenship International) and the Undergraduate Council Curriculum Committee prior to their first offering.

Application Deadline:

The review of proposals will begin on October 25th and will be ongoing. Please submit completed applications to Josh Steele, Assistant Vice Provost for Online Learning & Academic Programs, at