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The mission of TLI is to facilitate instructional excellence and to foster a culture of success for faculty across the university. One of the ways that we do this is through teaching-related consultations. TLI is here to be of service to individual instructors (including graduate students and post-docs), as well as departments and colleges, regarding helping all parties meet and exceed their teaching and learning goals.


Individual Instructor and Small Group Consultations

TLI will work with individual instructors, including all tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty members, graduate students, post-docs, and staff members who teach, to help them meet and exceed self-selected teaching and learning related goals. We will also work with small groups of instructors (2-5) at one time who are focused on different sections of the same course, or who just simply have similar goals but are also from the same department or program.


Consultation Options:

After an initial meeting to determine any specific areas of concern, you may request up to three classroom observations in a semester to help identify and adopt new teaching strategies and/or approaches. We perform observations anytime during the semester. This can be done face to face or via Zoom.

We will support you in designing the course you desire by helping you consider who you are teaching, how your course fits into your department’s curriculum, developing your learning goals, outcomes, classroom assignments, and learning activitiesas well as other tasks related to implementing your course. You may request up to four meetings to support you in achieving your course design goals.

We will review documents such as your syllabus, teaching philosophy statement, teaching modules, presentations, and other learning materials to help ensure that your materials are facilitating the outcomes you desire.

TLI offers a mid-semester course feedback session that provides pedagogical insights and opportunities for instructional development based on student feedback. To accommodate the various teaching modalities, we have designed a process with 2 options to gather mid-semester feedback. The information below includes a brief outline of our 2 approaches:  

  • Option 1: An anonymous survey that can be used to gather feedback from your students. A post-survey consultation will be scheduled to discuss the results. 
  • Option 2: A live session during class time. This could take the form of a focus group (if the class enrollment is less than 50 students), or a more structured discussion. We would need 30 minutes of class time without the instructor present. A post-visit consultation will be scheduled to discuss the results.

TLI will facilitate discussions and provide resources on a topic of interest to multiple faculty members (2-5).  Group consulting can address topics like curricular redesign within a departmentor a group of instructors all teaching different sections of the same course who want to increase course continuity between sections. Additionally, it might focus on a particular area of expertise like inclusive teaching, or specific topics such as metacognition, large classroom engagement, or reflection. TLI will support up to three discussions for any one group of instructors during a semester.

6. End of Course Evaluation Feedback:

TLI will aid you in reflecting on your student evaluations to determine areas of growth. We see this as 3-part process that includes an initial conversation, a summary of findings from the evaluations, and a subsequent meeting to determine a plan of action.  

Next Steps 

If you are interested in any of the options listed above, please fill out our consultation request form. A TLI team member will reach out to you within 24-72 hours after submission.  

Request an Individual/Small Group Consultation