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Finance & Administration

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this page, you can find the UT Knoxville campus and UT System policies on the Policy Central portal. 

Letterhead templates: These templates are to be used for agendas, handouts, or any communication with external audiences (university staff outside TLI, external to the university). You can learn more about these templates in the TLI Communications Guide.

PowerPoint templates: These templates are to be used for presentations with external audiences (university staff outside TLI, external to the university). You can learn more about these templates in the TLI Communications Guide.

  • Download the standard-sized template here. You must be logged into Office 365 to access this file.
  • Download the widescreen template here. You must be logged into Office 365 to access this file.

TLI Certificate Templates

  • TLI Certificate TemplateThis template is a fillable PDF to be used for TLI-owned events and workshops that acknowledge participants’ completion of a particular program. The use of a certificate is up to the discretion of the event owner.
  • Collaborative Certificate: In certain instances, TLI may collaborate with other departments on a program and require a certificate. For this type of situation, download this template.

TLI Signage: Below is the type of signage that can be used at various TLI events and workshops. Please note that the request must be submitted to the communications coordinator 3 weeks in advance, due to the new campus signage request policy. 

  • Sidewalk (outdoor) signs
  • Directional signage for events
  • TLI – branded tablecloths


  1. Exempt Employees: Monthly Timesheet 2020 – Once downloaded, make sure to change the cost center and add your personnel number and position on the form. Your cost center can be found on your paystub for reference. You can use the same template for each month – make sure you change the month in the drop-down menu on the form.
  2. Non-Exempt Employees: Biweekly Time-Sheet for hourly employees
  3. Student Workers: Student Timesheet for student workers & federal work study

Leave Request Form (depends on the preference of your supervisor)

TLI Flex-time Procedures

Flex time schedules, compensatory time requests, leave requests, must be submitted to and approved by the direct supervisor in advance if at all possible via email or written request. Sick Leave requests for doctors’ appointments should be submitted as far in advance as possible. The direct supervisor is responsible for documenting the leave and verifying against the employee’s time sheet.

TLI Comp Time & Overtime Procedure

In addition to system and campus policies regarding overtime compensation for the following:

  • For non-exempt employees, any time over 40 hours a week worked must be submitted to the business manager and approved by the department head prior to changing scheduled working hours. Approved overtime will be paid as compensatory time-off unless otherwise approved by the department head.
  • All Employees (exempt & non-exempt) must have prior approval from the department head and have necessary agreements completed prior to commencing any work performed for any other state funded office, on or off campus.

Human Resources Policy Page:

UT Overtime Comp Policy:

Dual Service Policy:

  • General Expense Request (GER) Form: Fill out the GER before making any purchases. All invoices or reimbursements must be accompanied with this form in IRIS to process payment. Be sure to download a new form each time as they are updated frequently as information changes.
  • Reimbursement Request: Before making any purchases, please fill out the General Expense Request Form above. If purchasing items to be reimbursed, please make sure you obtain a Tennessee Sales Tax Exemption form for the vendor before placing the order or paying for the item.
  • TLI Staples Order Request Form: General supplies that are shared by offices are paid for by the administrative budget and have a minimum of $50 order. If your order is time sensitive but does not total $50 or more, please send the order form to Jenn Edwards and specify the specific date needed. Allow enough time to find other vendors if items are not in stock. If the order is not received within 3 business days, please check with Jenn to ensure needed items are not back ordered.  If other offices have orders it can be grouped to make the $50 limit. When your order form is signed by the supervisor, please forward to Jenn Edwards for order placement. If specific items are not considered shared the total for that item will be charged directly your program account when the invoice is received. Personal Items may not be placed on E&G funds.

For questions contact Jenn Edwards at

  • Program Checklist: Use this checklist during the planning process of a workshop, program or event.
  • Resource Mailboxes: To add a meeting to a Resource Mailbox Room or Equipment within your Calendar in Outlook 2016, please follow the instructions on this webpage.

This form is to request use of departmentally shared equipment and supplies. For items not housed centrally or are assigned to offices or groups, those groups are responsible for working together to develop their own means for tracking and documenting the process (carts, wagons, orange dots).  

Please be sure to reserve items far enough in advance to allow for set up and printing times.  

By requesting items your office agrees to return items in the designated bags with all included pieces borrowed to ensure next office to borrow will have the correct items. Costs to replace lost or broken items will be charged to your departmental account. 

If assistance or changes are needed to the form, please contact Jenn Edwards If your request is time sensitive and Jenn out of the office, please contact Ginny Garner.

Workplace or vehicle accidents must be reported to the direct supervisor and UT Risk Management within 24 hours of the incident or as soon as physically able. If any injuries occur to university employees the incident must also be reported to the university’s Worker’s Compensation provider within the specified time frame. If the supervisor is not available, please contact the business manager or department head. For more information regarding accident reporting or workers compensation coverage, please contact the UT Risk Management Office.

Any vehicles rented or borrowed from motor pool on behalf of TLI must be driven by a university employee and be authorized by their supervisor.


TLI staff interested in submitting a nomination for a Faculty Spotlight to be featured in a monthly edition of Faculty VOLume, complete the form below. Please note that all fields below are required, and therefore will need to answered, in order for the form to be properly submitted.

  • Your Name * Required
  • Name of faculty member nominated * Required
  • How does this nomination align with TLI priorities? Please check all that apply. Be prepared to explain in the final question below. * Required

  1. Graduate students traveling on behalf of the university must first apply for support through the UTK Graduate Student Senate (GSS) office. Deadlines, policies, and applications regarding GSS awards can be found on the GSS website. If the student fails to show that they applied through the GSS before the deadline, travel funding through TLI will not be provided. If a student is not eligible for GSS travel support because they have already received GSS funding during the current academic year, proof of ineligibility must be included before requesting funds from TLI. Students must also apply to be a volunteer at the conference if this waives or reduces the registration fee, documentation of this must also be included in the request or final reimbursement. It is also recommended that students check with financial aid and their college for travel awards for their area of study. Students must be able to show that they have exhausted all potential sources of funding before applying for funds from TLI. Failure to do so will result in reduced funding or no funding to support their attendance at the conference.
  2. The appropriate director or assistant provost on behalf of the associate provost/department head will review that students have successfully and thoroughly completed Step 1 then verify students’ eligibility to receive TLI travel funds and ensure necessary documentation is scanned into IRIS when reviewing. In addition to seeking funding from other sources, students must also complete all travel authorizations and university or TLI paperwork prior to being approved for TLI funding in a timely manner. Students should consult with the appropriate director or assistant provost for guidance about required paperwork and authorizations. International travel will likely require additional steps and approvals that must be done prior to requesting funding from TLI. For more information, please see International Student Travel. Students should aim to have all paperwork submitted at least two months prior to the conference they are requesting to attend.  
  3. Students must provide the appropriate receipts after the conference before they will be reimbursed for travel costs. Students are encouraged to save all receipts. To be reimbursed for lodging, an itemized receipt  showing a balance due of $00.00 is required. The receipt must show the traveler and hotel names and addresses. Other important receipts might include airline ticket receipt (coach only), an itemized rental car receipt (the receipt must be in the student’s name), food and meal receipts, taxi cab receipts, airport parking receipts, et cetera.  

  • World Travel Office: (877) 210-8189 or (865) 777-1680 (8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday)
  • Concur Website Assistance: (877) 210-8189 or (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday)
  • UT World Travel Campus: Cissy Chesney during UTK business hours
  • Campus World Travel Departmental Representative: Kim Money

Emergency Assistance for Travelers

(877) 210-8189 Domestic 

(865) 777-1680 International (collect calls accepted) 

Refer to code:  W-7CD 

Conference Travel

Professional & Academic Development

Before planning a trip, travelers must consult with their supervisor to ensure the travel is appropriate and budgeted. If a traveler is requesting TLI funding to be a presenter, the traveler must submit a T-18, the presentation proposal approval from the conference, and a brief statement describing how this travel benefits the department’s priority areas. This must be submitted in Adobe Sign and routed to the appropriate director or assistant provost, the associate provost (department head), and the business manager.  

If an employee is enrolled as a student in an academic program, they must effectively describe within the proposal how the travel supports their current role as an employee in TLI. If the presentation is not approved, the travel will not be supported, and annual leave or comp time must be taken for the duration of the trip. Student travel for academic development is eligible for scholarships or financial support through various departments. Please see the section above on Student Travel and pay close attention to the deadlines for GSS and program scholarship awards. 

6 months – 1 year in advance of travel date. 

Email proposal to supervisor and appropriate director or assistant provost and discuss the details and purpose.  

Before your presentation is submitted, or 6 months – 1 year in advance of travel date. 

If you are planning to travel but do not yet know if your presentation has been accepted by the conference, you should still proceed with the travel request. If the presentation is accepted and you have not yet completed the T-18/travel request process, travelers may still seek to attend but no expenses will be pre-paid and registration will only be reimbursed up to the early bird rate.  

  1. T-18 Travel Request Employee information can be obtained from Presenters use Internal Order 4023221 and for non-presenters use 4020281.
  2. A brief statement describing how the travel and presentation benefits a departmental priority area.
  3. If not presenting, a brief statement describing how this travel and presentation will support their current role and benefit TLI and/or UT.
  4. Itemized breakdown of expected costs organized in the following categories:
    1. Early bird registration cost – be aware of the deadline if you are requesting this to be prepaid by the university or reimbursed. The T-30 is due to your administrative specialist no less than 3 weeks before this date (this is generally 4 months – 6 months in advance of the conference).
    2. Membership Cost if it reduces the registration cost by the amount of the membership or more.
    3. Airfare estimate
    4. Conference hotel lodging rate information from the conference website with rate schedule, plus local and state taxes (approximately $30) per night. If this is not available, this will be required to be turned in with the final reimbursement.
    5. Any anticipated rental cars, fuel, taxi, or shuttle costs.
    6. Note any shared expenses, including the name of the other traveler and the travel number if available (this will be required for reimbursement of final charges).
    7. Any expenses that are paid by the conference, such as an award or scholarship given to the traveler or to the university.
    8. Any expenses that will be shared with another traveler.
    9. Any requests to support travel for employees in other departments. If not requested at this stage, the department will not support the travel by non-departmental employees. If approved, that employee must follow up with their office to arrange the travel and submit costs in line with their departmental practices and for approval by their supervisor and budget office.
    10. Conference at-a-glance schedule, if available.

Submit the above forms with an estimated budget in Adobe Sign for the appropriate director or assistant provost, the associate provost (department head), and the business manager signatures, and CC your administrative specialist.

Please note: you must use the address in Adobe. Once this is approved, the administrative specialist will be responsible for entering this information into IRIS for electronic approval within 10 business days of receipt and/or before any associated deadlines occur.  

4 months – 6 months in advance, but within 2 weeks of conference acceptance. 

Once approved, the traveler may move forward in making travel arrangements. If booking their own arrangements and registrations (or have no registrations to process) travelers are responsible for obtaining itemized receipts for each charge and will need to be aware of UTK Travel Policy in regards to allowable receipts and charges.  

If managing your own arrangements and presenting, skip to Step 7: Presentation Materials.

If requesting assistance, proceed with the following:

If the traveler is requesting assistance/prepayment of the conference registration, it is the traveler’s responsibility to provide the information to the administrative staff in an appropriate amount of time. Additionally, the appropriate director or assistant provost may require travelers to fill out the necessary forms.

  1. T-30 Conference and Seminar Registration Pre-Payment Form – if requesting UTK to prepay registration.
  2. A printout of the early bird and membership discount rate schedule.
  3. Either a completed conference registration form (from conference website) or clearly visible screen shots of the registration process step-by-step, beginning to end in a WordDoc that also contains the specific login and password information for that employee. This is not the employee’s UT Net ID and Password. If staff cannot log-in, the travel will be rejected and the traveler will be responsible for paying their own registration and membership fees.
  4. If the membership is not included in the conference registration process, the traveler needs to obtain an invoice for the membership and attached to this expense request.
  5. If presenting, a copy of proposal acceptance email or a schedule showing the presenter’s name.

Submit the above forms and documents in Adobe Sign for the appropriate director or assistant provost and the business manager to sign. If the traveler is submitting their own documentation they will also need to copy the administrative specialist. Please note: you must use the address.

Once the T-30 is approved, the administrative specialist must submit the forms in IRIS for the travel office to process or contact the business office to set up a time to meet in order to process payment.

If payment is processed by the UTK Travel Office, this charge must be the first expense listed in the travel for it to route appropriately.

If processed by TLI Personnel, the administrative staff will need to enter the T-30 as “Conference Registration, company paid” with the final reimbursement documentation.

With either process, please use the same account number and internal order as indicated in the request.

4 weeks – 6 months in advance of travel date. Best airfares are generally offered around 6 weeks from travel dates.

If the traveler needs to book airfare or rental car through UT, the traveler will need to initiate and work closely with the administrative specialist to obtain the Travel Authorization from the UT Travel Office then to book the flights and rentals through Concur. The traveler will need to authorize the administrative staff to book travel on their behalf within Concur the first time they work together.

The next step is to fill out the T-25 Direct Bill of Airfare Application and provide a copy of the traveler’s Identification to the travel office.

  1. T-25 Direct Bill of Airfare Application (separate forms for airfare and vehicle charges)
  2. Copy of traveler’s state or federally issued identification.

Submit this in Adobe for the business manager’s signature, please use the same account number and internal order as indicated in the original request. Please note that GL codes for travel change depending on whether the trip is in-state, out-of-state or international. If you use the incorrect GL code, Accounts Payable cannot process this request. 

Once approved, the administrative specialist will need to submit this to Be aware that this email does not always work and the administrative staff that submits this may need to follow up with the accounts payable office if nothing is returned within one business day. The phone number is 865-974-2302.

Once the T-25 is returned with a TA#, the traveler and administrative specialist will need to work together to find and book appropriate flights through Concur.

Request 4 weeks – 6 months in advance of travel date.

Due to changes in the motor pool software and driver responsibilities, it is recommended that the traveler personally book the UT vehicle for their own travel, but this role can be delegated by the appropriate assistant provost or director. This can happen any time after the travel request that includes this expense is approved. The person responsible will need to log into the UT Fleet Services booking tool. The instructions are on the website and university employees will use their own information to log into and book a vehicle.  

Example login information: 

E-mail Address = 

Password = Personnel Number 

 You will use the Fleet Services’ credit card provided on the key chain to purchase fuel at Fleet Services and at most major gas stations.  You will need to enter your UT Personnel and the account number to be charged before purchasing fuel with the credit card. If you do not know these numbers, please request them from your administrative specialist before departing.  

Request 4 weeks – 6 weeks in advance of travel date; Payment 1 week prior to travel date.

All employees may now request a travel advance to cover a portion of expenses that the university does not offer to prepay. Currently this is 80% of total travel budget minus registration, membership, airfare, and vehicle. The remainder is generally comprised of hotel, fuel, and meals.

  1. To apply, the traveler will need to seek email permission from the appropriate assistant provost or director
  2. Fill out a T-41 Request for Travel Advance. 
  3. Submit to your administrative specialist for IRIS entry no less than 3 weeks prior to the trip.

4 weeks – 6 weeks in advance of travel date.

If the traveler is representing the university and using printed or electronic materials to be posted publicly during the trip, they will need to have these materials approved by the appropriate assistant provost or director and sent to the communications coordinator no less than 4 weeks in advance of needing them for printing or submission to any outside office.  

Within 2 weeks of return. 

Within two weeks of return, any traveler who was granted a travel advance or are seeking reimbursement must fill out a T-3 Travel Expense Worksheet and provide corresponding itemized receipts for all expenses to the appropriate administrative staff. 

Additionally, if the traveler booked using a travel package and an itemized receipt is not attainable, the traveler is responsible for completing a T-40 Travel Package Itemization after the trip has completed in order to seek reimbursement. Please be aware that “the university will reimburse employees when a travel package (airfare, lodging and rental car) is purchased to obtain the best overall cost for a trip. The package, however, must not contain any expenses not allowed by fiscal policy, including first-class airfare, or lodging that exceeds the per diem for the location of travel. The receipt must provide an itemization of each expense and the class of airfare must be documented. Booking and/or travel agency fees associated with these are not reimbursable, unless they are done through the university’s travel agency.” (System Policy) 

The appropriate administrative staff will compile the T-3 form, the itemized receipts, the conference agenda-at-a-glance, mileage maps, hotel lodging information that reflects the rate per night, etc. and entering the expenses into IRIS, any expenses paid receipts that have not been entered to date will also be entered at this time as company paid so that the costs will be accounted for on that travel expense sheet and to ensure the traveler is not being double-reimbursed for company paid items. This includes conference registration, motor pool, airfare, rental cars, etc.  

Travel is entered into IRIS by the administrative staff. When it is submitted, it will route for the employee to electronically certify their own travel for accuracy and adherence to policy via UT Employee Self-Service Portal. The instructions for how to certify travel are listed at the link above, as well as the TLI Unit-wide SharePoint under “TLI Procedure Links.”

Please be aware that the heaviest travel time of the year is October and November. If you are traveling during these times, it is even more imperative that you turn your receipts in for reimbursement promptly upon return and provide all documentation. If the traveler altered any flights or used previous altered flights to purchase the ticket, make sure all returned or canceled tickets are provided.

Travel is internally reviewed/approved by the appropriate TLI leadership staff and by the UTK Travel Office. If any expenses are considered exceptions to policy, the IRIS also routes travel to the Central Business Office for audit. The UTK Travel Office pulls all available staff to review travel during the month of December to ensure you are reimbursed before the holidays. We do not call to inquire about the status of a particular travel as this delays reimbursements campus-wide.

If you have any questions about any of the information in the following areas:

Online Programs | 865-974-9574

Kellie Flynn, Administrative Specialist

Experience Learning & Teaching Innovation | 865-974-3807

Wes Romeiser, Administrative Specialist

TLI Central Business Office | 865-974-9782

Jenn Edwards, Administrative Specialist

Alissa Sommerfeldt, Communications Specialist

Virginia Garner, Business Manager