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Graduate Student Spotlight: Haley Horbaly

Ph.D. student, Anthropology

“I took the CIRTL FUEL course this fall as I was entering the job market, and I couldn’t have taken it at a better time. The learning unit design project really helped me solidify my identity as an instructor and got me thinking critically about how I engage students in course content. Our weekly conversations regarding teaching and testing modalities made me fluent in these concepts by the end of the course, and this skill became central to my teaching philosophy statement, job talk, and teaching demonstration. I am happy to say that I was offered a faculty position to start in the fall where I’ll be teaching undergraduate and graduate level anatomy courses, forensic anthropology, and continuing my research in functional morphology. This is in no small part due to my experience with the CIRTL FUEL course, which truly strengthened me as a candidate on the academic job market.”

“Haley completed CIRTL FUEL in Fall 2021. In the seminar she demonstrated excellent use of evidence-based teaching practices in her learning unit design project.” – Robert Jacobsen, TLI

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