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Inclusive Approaches to Teaching & Learning Reading Community


The goal of the Inclusive Approaches to Teaching & Learning Reading Community is to create a space for instructional staff (including graduate students and post-docs) to discuss the ideas and knowledge gained from chosen readings and how to apply these to their teaching practice. By creating opportunities for instructors to read common texts and to learn from one another about pedagogical practices, we can foster most inclusive learning environments for students.

This semester’s reading community focuses on the LGBTQ+ student experience and is co-sponsored with the Pride Center and the Commission for LGBT+ People. We welcome all instructional staff and those interested in teaching and learning to attend and contribute to the discussion.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the semester, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the role identity plats in the academic and professional experiences of students
  • Illustrate the ways structures and systems create inequities in experiences based on certain identities
  • Reflect on current evidence-based pedagogical practices of inclusive teaching
  • Develop strategies to create more equitable learning experiences across identities

Expectation for Participants

As a participant in this reading group, you are expected to:

  • Be respectful to each other (both in Zoom meetings and on Microsoft Teams).
  • Be prepared. Please try your best to complete the readings before each Zoom meeting, so we can have a meaningful and productive discussion around the topic.
  • Stay connected. We encourage participants to stay connected using Microsoft Teams. Through this platform we plan to continue the discussion from each session through exchanging ideas, resources, and supporting one another’s exploration of each topic. If you would like to connect to our Microsoft Team’s group, please register below.

How to Participate

To participate, you must register below. Upon completing your registration, you will be sent links to the papers to be read and the links to each Zoom meeting. You will also be added to a Teams group for this community. After each meeting, major discussion points and reflection questions will be added to the Teams site to encourage further engagement.

Meeting Dates and Times (via Zoom):
  • Wednesday, February 24th from 12-1pm
  • Wednesday, March 24th from 12-1pm
  • Wednesday, April 21st from 12-1pm

Inclusive Approaches to Teaching & Learning Reading Community Registration