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Call for Proposals

Following the official theme – “Lighting the Way to Deeper Learning” – TLI encourages submissions that create opportunities for critical and creative thinking about innovative ways to deepen and enhance student learning and success. Proposals may focus on various aspects of innovative delivery (online, blended, face-to-face), pedagogy (experiential learning, engaged scholarship, inclusive and culturally relevant, etc.) and practice (collaborative, active, peer-led, etc.) in the higher education context. This year, there will be four featured tracks for those who would like to develop a deeper knowledge about the practices or research of others in a particular area. The tracks are:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Experiential Learning
  • Strategies that Foster Student Success
  • Emerging Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Research

Submissions will be accepted in five formats: Presentation, Roundtable/Panel, Poster, Workshop, and Demonstration Sessions. Please review the format descriptions and submission criteria below before submitting your proposal.

To guide you in choosing the right type of presentation, please see the following descriptions:

Poster Presentation (10 minutes)
Poster sessions are an opportunity for presenters to demonstrate their work via video. Presenters will be required to record their presentation via Zoom and it is not to exceed ten minutes in length.

Regular Presentation (15 or 30 minutes)

In keeping with the theme of the conference, up to two presentations will occur during a 50 minute session. For example, the presenter/s will have 15 minutes (if there are two presentations during the session or 30 minutes (if there is a single presentation during the session) to introduce and share the topic with the audience.  In the time remaining, the audience may ask questions and assessment of the presentation will occur.

Demonstration Presentation (15 or 30 minutes)
This type of active session involves the presenter/s leading the participants in a demonstration of a practice or strategy. Up to two demonstrations will occur during a 50 minute session. For example, the presenter(s) will have 15 minutes (if there are two demonstrations during the session or 30 minutes (if there is a single demonstration during the session) to introduce and lead the audience in their activity.  In the time remaining, the audience may ask questions and assessment of the presentation will occur.

Roundtable Presentation (50 minutes)
Roundtables are 50-minute oral presentations with discussion with attendees around a table. These presentations typically include 15 minutes of presentation, followed by 30 minutes of discussion and feedback. Roundtable presenters should bring targeted questions to pose to others at the table in order to learn from and with those attending. Roundtables are an ideal format for networking and in-depth discussion on a particular topic.

Workshop (100 minutes)
Workshop presentations are an opportunity for the presenter/s to engage the participants in a more involved 100 minute exploration of a topic.  For example, the presenter(s) will lead the audience through an examination of the topic through sharing information, participant discussion, and learning activities for an 80 minute period.  The remaining time will be set aside for questions and assessment of the session.

Keep in mind the criteria (see table below) that the selection committee is considering.

Rubric for ITLC 

Theme: Lighting the Pathways to Deeper Learning

Score descriptors
0  Does not exist in proposal 
1  Insufficient evidence of meeting criterion 
2  Proposal meets criterion 
3  Proposal exceeds criterion 


Dimension    Weight 
Relevant Topic  The proposal clearly addresses a topic related to the conference theme, Lighting the Pathways to Deeper Learning  2 x ____ = ____ 
Overall Contribution  The proposal highlights best practices, new policy developments, innovative instructional techniques and/or effective methods for promoting engaged student learning in higher and post-‐secondary education settings.  2 x ____ = ____ 
Abstract Quality  The proposal abstract (which will be included in the conference program) is well written and clearly describes the main points of the presentation and the intended audience.  2 x ____ = ____ 
Organization and Format of the Session  The session is well thought out and appropriate. Delivery methods for the time allotted, audience, and level are appropriate and effective. 

The proposal has a logical sequence.  The proposal contains an introduction to the content, a description of the findings/content, conclusions and/or next steps. 

2 x ____ = ___ 
Appropriate method/s for engaging participants  The proposed method for engaging audience participants is thoughtful, intentional, and appropriate for the session type.  1 x ____ = ____ 
Applicability across disciplines  The proposed presentation includes approaches and strategies that can be implemented across disciplines  1 x ____ = ____ 
Total Points: _________________________/30   

Call for Proposals (TLI Conference 2021)

  • Name (primary contact) * Required
  • Preferred Session Time * Required

Call for Proposals Deadline: 11:59pm EST on Friday, December 4th, 2020.

Notification of decision on proposals will be made on or before December 17th, 2020. We reserve the right to make any changes as it relates to time allotment and/or placement in the program.

If you have any questions, please email Teaching & Learning Innovation at