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The Syllabus

The course syllabus is one of the most important documents that you will share with your students. The syllabus should clearly outline your expectations of students as well as make clear to students what they can expect from you and your course. The resources on this page will help you craft a strong syllabus that provides all students an understanding of how to succeed in your course.

Syllabus Checklist

Before you begin your syllabus, review the Syllabus Checklist and use it as a guide to prepare your document. When you have completed a draft of your syllabus, review the checklist to ensure that you have included the elements listed.

Syllabus Template

The Syllabus template provides the structure necessary to include the key information your students will require. The syllabus template already includes the Campus Syllabus that is linked below.

Online Syllabus Template

The Online Course Syllabus template includes components that support best practices in online course design and delivery. The template is meant to serve as an example and contains navigation links and specific language that can be used when developing a syllabus for your online or hybrid course. This syllabus template already includes the Campus Syllabus linked below.

Campus Syllabus

The Campus Syllabus provides students with important information that is common to all courses at UT, Knoxville, such as academic integrity and addressing disability needs. The campus syllabus can be added within your course syllabus or imported into your Canvas course site from the Canvas Commons—search for UT Knoxville Campus Syllabus 2020 – 2021. 

Recommended Syllabus Language Related to COVID-19

Students who begin to feel ill or discover they have been a close contact of someone with COVID can feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. This document provides language to include in your syllabus which outlines university policies for students needing to quarantine or self-isolate. It also includes recommended policies for attendance and make-up or late work.

Emergency Classroom Information

The Office of Emergency Management has created an Emergency Classroom Information Sheet to augment the campus syllabus, giving faculty quick access to information on protective actions for different types of emergencies that can be shared with students at the beginning of the semester.

Universal Design for Learning

For support with designing your syllabus according to the best practices of Universal Design for Learning, contact OIT’s Help Desk to enlist support from the OIT Instructional Design and Delivery team.