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Active Learning & Engaged Teaching

Active learning refers to a broad range of teaching strategies which engage students as active participants in their learning during class time with their instructor. Typically, these strategies involve some amount of students working together during class, but may also involve individual work and/or reflection. These teaching approaches range from short, simple activities like journal writing, problem solving and paired discussions, to longer, involved activities or pedagogical frameworks like case studies, role plays, and structured team-based learning.

This web page contains many resources to support active learning.

List of Resources

Classroom Activities: This webpage provides classroom activities that foster engagement and collaboration amongst students in your course.

Collaborative Work in the Classroom Setting: When developing collaborative activities in your large classroom, following certain principles can enhance success. In this document, we explain the five pillars of effective group work and provide examples.

Evidence-based Teaching Strategies: An overview and provided additional resources on evidence-based teaching strategies.

5 Pillars of Collaborative Work in the Classroom Setting: This document outlines the five pillars that make collaboration work for student groups. Applying these principles are especially important in large classroom where peer engagement is a key component in fostering understanding and learning.

Flipped Classrooms: An overview of flipped classrooms and additional resources to assist you in this teaching and learning strategy.

Lecturing Effectively: This webpage provides ways of making your lectures more engaging with students.

Reflection Activities: This document provides reflection activities for prior knowledge about a subject/topic, cognition, metacognition, competency, and for personal growth and change.

Additional Resources

Experiential Learning Resources