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TLI Employee Resources

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this page, you can find the UT Knoxville campus and UT System policies on the Policy Central portal. 

If you have any questions about any of the information on this webpage:

  • Wes Romeiser, Administrative Specialist, 865-974-3807
  • Jenn Edwards, Administrative Specialist, 865-974-9782
  • Alissa Sommerfeldt, Communications Specialist, 865-974-6408

Letterhead templates: These templates are to be used for agendas, handouts, or any communication with external audiences (university staff outside TLI, external to the university). You can learn more about these templates in the TLI Communications Guide.

PowerPoint templates: These templates are to be used for presentations with external audiences (university staff outside TLI, external to the university). You can learn more about these templates in the TLI Communications Guide.

  • Download the standard-sized template here. You must be logged into Office 365 to access this file.
  • Download the widescreen template here. You must be logged into Office 365 to access this file.

TLI Certificate Templates

  • TLI Certificate TemplateThis template is a fillable PDF to be used for TLI-owned events and workshops that acknowledge participants’ completion of a particular program. The use of a certificate is up to the discretion of the event owner.
  • Collaborative Certificate: In certain instances, TLI may collaborate with other departments on a program and require a certificate. For this type of situation, download this template.

TLI Signage: Below is the type of signage that can be used at various TLI events and workshops. Please note that the request must be submitted to the communications coordinator 3 weeks in advance, due to the new campus signage request policy. 

  • Sidewalk (outdoor) signs
  • Directional signage for events
  • TLI – branded tablecloths

  • General Expense Request (GER) Form: Fill out the GER before making any purchases. All invoices or reimbursements must be accompanied with this form in IRIS to process payment. Be sure to download a new form each time as they are updated frequently as information changes.
  • Reimbursement Request: Before making any purchases, please fill out the General Expense Request Form above. If purchasing items to be reimbursed, please make sure you obtain a Tennessee Sales Tax Exemption form for the vendor before placing the order or paying for the item.
  • TLI Staples Order Request Form: General supplies that are shared by offices are paid for by the administrative budget and have a minimum of $50 order. If your order is time sensitive but does not total $50 or more, please send the order form to Jenn Edwards and specify the specific date needed. Allow enough time to find other vendors if items are not in stock. If the order is not received within 3 business days, please check with Jenn to ensure needed items are not back ordered.  If other offices have orders it can be grouped to make the $50 limit. When your order form is signed by the supervisor, please forward to Jenn Edwards for order placement. If specific items are not considered shared the total for that item will be charged directly your program account when the invoice is received. Personal Items may not be placed on E&G funds.

For questions contact Jenn Edwards at

This form is to request use of departmentally shared equipment and supplies. For items not housed centrally or are assigned to offices or groups, those groups are responsible for working together to develop their own means for tracking and documenting the process (carts, wagons, orange dots).  

Please be sure to reserve items far enough in advance to allow for set up and printing times.  

By requesting items your office agrees to return items in the designated bags with all included pieces borrowed to ensure next office to borrow will have the correct items. Costs to replace lost or broken items will be charged to your departmental account. 

If assistance or changes are needed to the form, please contact Jenn Edwards

  • Program Checklist: Use this checklist during the planning process of a workshop, program or event.
  • Resource Mailboxes: To add a meeting to a Resource Mailbox Room or Equipment within your Calendar in Outlook 2016, please follow the instructions on this webpage.


  1. Exempt Employees: Monthly Timesheet 2020 – Once downloaded, make sure to change the cost center and add your personnel number and position on the form. Your cost center can be found on your paystub for reference. You can use the same template for each month – make sure you change the month in the drop-down menu on the form.
  2. Non-Exempt Employees: Biweekly Time-Sheet for hourly employees
  3. Student Workers: Student Timesheet for student workers & federal work study

Human Resources Policy Page:

UT Overtime Comp Policy:

Dual Service Policy:

TLI GRA Practices & Expectations: Outlines expectations and policies that GRAs need to follow while working within TLI.

TLI GRA Timeline

The following timeline outlines important dates and reviewal periods that GRA’s should be aware of while working in TLI:

  • August – TLI GRA Orientation
  • September – Setting annual goals with individual GRAs and their TLI supervisors
  • November – December (before the end of the fall semester) – TLI supervisors check in with their assigned GRA about their annual goals
  • March – “End of year” review of GRAs annual goals
  • April 15 – Deadline date to extend annual GRA commitment and sign letters of recommitment
  • May – Official TLI letter provided to each GRA detailing/commending their work and service to the unit for the current academic yea

TLI COVID-19 Quick Tips Sheet: Guidelines to follow when returning to campus amidst COVID-19.

  • The university is currently limiting travel due to COVID-19, and subsequent health challenges stemming from the pandemic.
  • Also, the university is currently undergoing a systematic review of travel procedures, and a new travel process is being finalized.
  • If you are interested a presenting a conference or participating in another professional development experience using university and/or unit funds, please attain written support from your supervisor and the unit’s lead administrator before applying.