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COVID-19 Success Stories

Strategies That Worked: Fall 2020 and Beyond

Your colleagues are hard at work! This page presents stories of success submitted by those teaching at UT, Knoxville (with their permission), and where relevant, includes links to resources. To date, these come from the fall 2020 semester, but more will be added in the near future, so check back for updates!

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Featured Stories

John Han

Encouraging Social Connections in an Online Environment

John Han, English

“…students can talk to one another and establish connections


Jessica Kutz Fleming

Video Editing

Jessica Kutz Fleming, College of Education, Health and Human Sciences

“Don’t be afraid to learn something new!”

Online Layout, Pacing, and Feedback

Sally Corran Harris & Matthew Pilkington, English

“…students appreciated the setup and pacing, as well as the timely feedback.”

Charity Davenport

Open Educational Resources & Perusall

Charity Davenport, English Language Institute

“…students read actively and interacted with the text and each other online…”


Jason Kiernan

“Chunking”: Use of Course Time

Jason Kiernan, College of Nursing

“…the course experience is light-years more robust for all involved…”

Beauvais Lyons

YouTube Teaching Resources

Beauvais Lyons, School of Art

Koichi Yamamoto, School of Art

“…a YouTube channel to support instruction in online and hybrid classes…”

Flipped Learning & “Chunking”

Rachel Williams, Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport Psychology

“My student have excelled in application questions, short essay reflections, and in appreciating how dense and dry content is 100% applicable to their future careers…”

Charles Cwiek

Self-Introduction Videos & Canvas

Charles Cwiek, Business Analytics & Statistics

“…I learned TONS more about most students than I ever have before…”

Katy Malone

Digitized Objects, Videos & Images

Katy Malone, McClung Museum

“…digitized objects…developed so that they can be utilized by many different subjects…”

Mali Hubert

Technology & Group Work

Mali Hubert, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

“…this student-centered class is skills-based and requires heavy collaboration among students, but we have adapted and have had positive responses from the students…”

Lauren Cunningham

Online Group Work

Lauren Cunningham, Accounting & Information Management

“…feedback from students has been so strong, I’ll retain many changes even post COVID…”

Hybrid Experiential Lab-based Learning

Karen Tobias, Small Animal Clinical Sciences

…students expressed pride, excitement, enthusiasm, and contentment…” 

Millie Gimmel

Remote Service Learning in Spanish

Millie Gimmel, Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures

…we started a new translation service for the community that has also been very successful…”

Daniel Wallace

Online Experiential Learning

Daniel Wallace, English

“The students love this approach.”