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Flipped Learning & “Chunking”

Rachel Williams, Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport Psychology

I was teaching a 200-level, content-dense course fully online during the fall 2020 semester. Rather than sitting through a live lecture for 50 minutes, students watched video lectures on their own. Each Friday students submitted a discussion board (for participation credit) indicating the questions they had on the content and how it related to daily life outside the classroom.

The following Monday, we gathered online to talk through these questions together and spend the whole class making those real-world connections. I felt this was a success because at times, teaching in-person doesn’t always save room for real-life application (though now, when I go back in person, I realize the importance of making time for it).

My students have excelled in application questions, short essay reflections, and in appreciating how dense and dry content is 100% applicable to their future careers. Feedback from my students has indicated the value of the course structure and has asked me not to change anything (thus far!). I will be teaching this course online in the spring, and I am looking forward to including more live sessions with my students.

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