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UT CIRTL Associate Level Online Course

About the Course

Are you a current graduate student or postdoc who aspires to become a professor one day? This online asynchronous course offered through UT CIRTL is an opportunity for anyone interested in developing their understanding of evidence-based teaching practice to do so at their own pace via Canvas. Those that complete the course will:

  • Examine personally held beliefs, values, and assumptions about teaching and learning students, and self, using various assessment tools.
  • Explore various evidence-based practices (both general and discipline specific) known to facilitate teaching and learning through examining the literature, as well as in and out of class assignments.
  • Design a class using appropriate instructional methodologies, models, and tools.
  • Consider how to develop effective learning for the 21stcentury classroom through examining the literature on learning communities and learning through diversity.

Those that complete will also earn CIRTL certification at the Associate Level, which is internationally-recognized and an excellent addition to any student’s CV.


To sign up to be added to the Canvas site, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions about this course or about UT CIRTL in general, contact Ferlin McGaskey, TLI’s director of faculty development and UT CIRTL leader, at

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